Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Full-body tiles are a type of vitrified tile. These tiles are popular among commercial space owners because of their uniform look. These tiles are incredibly sturdy and can withstand a great deal of pressure.
Ijaro Ceramic full-body vitrified tiles are available in 3 main sizes, since these are a popular choice among factory and industry owners, larger sizes are recommended to cover the large surface area. The 3 main sizes are:

Full Body Tiles

Full-body vitrified tiles are packed with many features, that make them an ideal choice for commercial settings. Some of the features are as follows:
  • - Easy to clean: These tiles are relatively easy to clean as they are stain-resistant. A simple wipe with a cloth or a mop should do the trick for you. Thus, allowing the space to look cleaner and neater.

  • - Scratch resistant: These tiles are great for a heavy-duty area that is prone to excessive foot traffic. Since these tiles are scratch resistant they can be used for such commercial heavy-duty settings as they will continue to deliver excellent visuals.

  • - Acid and Chemical resistant: Ijaro Ceramic manufactures full-body vitrified tiles by using the latest technology under the supervision of professionals. Our full-body vitrified tiles are not ruined by a majority of acids and chemicals.

  • - Neutrality towards UV rays: Our full-body vitrified tiles are fit for industrial use because of their immunity to damage from chemicals and UV rays. UV rays are known to compromise the color coating of tiles, however, that's not the case for full-body vitrified tiles.

  • - Uniformity: These tiles are coated with the same coat of color and thus can deliver a clean and neat look to the commercial setting. Full-body vitrified tiles help to achieve a uniform, singular color, and continuous look. Thus, making them an ideal choice for industrialists.

Ijaro Ceramic is a leading tiles manufacturer in India we manufacture our tiles with the latest technology and a team of professionals whose area of expertise complements the quality of tile manufacturing and aesthetics. Our nano-vitrified tiles are fit for residential as well commercial settings, only for a fraction of the cost.
As urbanization took place, the importance of different types of tiles was realized, and several new forms were introduced! Thus, depending on your requirement you can browse through our catalog of nano-vitrified tiles and select the appropriate size for your space. Our nano-vitrified tiles are available in a 60x60cm/600x600mm variant, which is adequate for every occasion.

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