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Ijaro Ceramic is one of the fastest-growing porcelain slab tiles manufacturers in India. We owe our growth to our exceptional line of products, services, and most importantly our customers. We are one of the leading granite and marble slabs manufacturers, and we intend to continue delivering high-quality slabs to our customers. The build quality and aesthetic properties of our slabs have earned us a fantastic reputation among homeowners, engineers, and designers.
As one of the prominent porcelain slab manufacturers, we take pride in the company as the products we have made so far do not have any complaints. We are not only porcelain slab manufacturers but also exporters. These slabs are primarily applied in commercial complexes like malls and shopping centres.
As porcelain slab manufacturers, we would love to let you know that porcelain slabs are made of fine clay, known as Kaolinite, and other sand-like minerals. Porcelain slabs are a good choice if you want more extended durability. We at Ijaro, have a wide range and diverse sizes you can choose from.
Our slabs are available in 6 different sizes so that you can install them as per your requirement.

Slab Tiles

Our slabs are popular among architects and designers, as we deliver our slabs packed with all the essential features and beautiful aesthetics. Ijaro Ceramic manufactures its slabs with utmost care and attention to detail and quality, meaning durable, stain resistive, long-lasting, and sturdy slabs are assured. We leverage only the latest technology, operated by professionals to manufacture our slabs, by using high-quality raw materials.
Our brand has created such a positive reputation because we do not compromise when it comes to our slabs and services. Browse through our collection of slabs and select the ones which will help you decorate your home for a luxurious look!

Applications of Porcelain Slab Tiles

Porcelain slabs are one of the most famous choices for homeowners to decorate their bathrooms and kitchens. Here are some of the places where you can use our porcelain slabs:

Kitchen Countertops

Our slabs are an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. As porcelain slab manufacturers, every piece of our slab tiles passes through a quality check their large size and waterproof nature help them to sustain for a long time without getting ruined.


Porcelain slabs can help in delivering a clean and neat look. Additionally, they provide a smooth feel to the atmosphere, something that can look beautiful in your bathrooms.

Living Room Walls

Our porcelain slabs can be used as wall decorations for your living rooms. Their bigger size and durable nature paired with beautiful versatility allow you to decorate your living rooms and make your guests fall in love with the same.

Commercial Spaces

Porcelain slabs are an excellent option for commercial spaces to enhance the ambience. These slabs can be used for public corridors, lobbies, and waiting areas. Architects and designers can use porcelain slabs for decorating walls and creating beautiful spaces for waiting lines.

Why Should You Choose Porcelain Slabs Over Other Marbles?

Porcelain slabs are much larger as compared to other marbles and have an incredible range with high durability packed in them. Let’s check out some of the reasons why you should choose slab tiles.

1) Durability:

The porcelain slab manufacturer, Ijaro, has porcelain slab products that are more durable than other marbles, is because these slabs are made of clay, sand and other minerals, which are baked at high temperatures to make them challenging and, therefore, they can witness any weather conditions without fading or wearing away.

2) Maintenance:

It is easy to maintain porcelain slabs. As a porcelain slab manufacturer, we consider our clients before anything; therefore, these slabs are best because they have smooth surfaces, are not stained, and have a water absorption ability of less than 0.5%.

3) Cost-friendly:

When you compare the prices of porcelain slabs with other marbles, they are cost-effective and can fit into your budget. If you are thinking of renovating your home or remodelling your office, we at Ijaro Ceramics, the best porcelain slab manufacturer, are just a call or text away.

4) Resistance:

When we discuss resistance, porcelain slabs are moist and dust resistant. Dust particles or moisture do not affect the slab, and once you clean it, it is new to use. Therefore, Ijaro Ceramics, the porcelain slab manufacturer, is the leading manufacturer of various porcelain slabs.

5) Product Range:

When you think of natural stones, they are products of nature and therefore have limited colours, but at Ijaro, the porcelain slab manufacturing company, we have many colours and patterns of porcelain slabs you can think of. They are design friendly, so we design our slabs that closely resemble other stones.
Therefore, these are the various reasons why you must consider investing in Porcelain slabs. You can check our website to look at multiple porcelain slab designs—the best porcelain slab manufacturing company.

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