Porcelain Tiles Manufacturers

Porcelain Tile Flooring Manufacturers

Ijaro Ceramic is a leading porcelain tile flooring manufacturers in India. We create exquisite porcelain floor tiles of different shapes, colours, patterns, styles and designs. We aim to make porcelain tiles that can fit in any interior or exterior environment.

We are in this industry with good experience, so we make porcelain floor tiles with highly durable materials that are compatible with any floor surface. As a leading porcelain tile manufacturers, we are liable to use high-quality raw materials such as kaolin clay, quartz, silica, and feldspar.

We manufacture two types of porcelain tiles: glazed porcelain tiles and slab tiles. Check the below collection for more information about these tiles.

Porcelain Tiles

You may wonder what makes Ijaro the best porcelain tile flooring manufacturers. Here are some reasons.

Reasons To Choose Ijaro Porcelain Tile Manufacturers:

1) Maintenance

Porcelain tiles manufactured by Ijaro Ceramic require low maintenance. It is stain resistant and can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth. Further, they do not break or fade and stand the test of time.

2) Resistance

As these tiles are manufactured by India’s best porcelain tile manufacturer, they are resistant to water, dirt and scratch, which makes them the best choice among many in present years.

3) Versatility

The porcelain tiles manufactured by Ijaro Ceramic is versatile, as many shades, patterns, finishes and designs available can suit everyone's need. There's something for everyone when you select porcelain tiles.

4) Finishing

As a renowned porcelain tile manufacturers, we have multiple finishes such as glossy, matt, high gloss, etc. When you apply a glossy finish on the floor, it gives a mesmerising elegance that visitors adore.

5) Durability

Porcelain tiles are the most durable tiles you can find because the combination of clay and sand mixed with water and transformed into a tile by fire makes it more durable and long-lasting than other types of tiles.

6) Evergreen

The porcelain tiles manufactured at Ijaro is timeless and evergreen. Porcelain tiles are floor decor that may never go out of style in the coming few decades. Therefore making it the best choice among homeowners and interior designers.

What Makes Porcelain Floor Tiles The Prime Choice?

The various benefits of Porcelain floor tiles manufactured by Ijaro make it the number one choice.

1) Humidity Resistance:

At Ijaro Ceramics, the porcelain floor tile manufacturing company, the porcelain floor tiles are humidity resistant, which means water cannot degrade the tile and make it look old and worn out.

2) Staining Resistance:

If the porcelain floor tiles are used in the home, anything might get spilt on the floor, but the porcelain floor tiles manufactured by the best porcelain floor tile manufacturing company are stain resistant.

3) Applications Suitability:

Apart from being resistant, porcelain floor tiles are compatible with any surface, indoor or outdoor. Therefore, it is the best choice at Ijaro Ceramics, the porcelain floor tile manufacturing firm.

4) Deflection Resistance:

It happens that the floor ties may change their position slightly over the years, but these tiles manufactured at the best porcelain floor tile manufacturing company are deflection resistant.

5) Chemical Resistance:

These porcelain tiles are chemical resistant; spilled chemicals, like alkaline or others, do not affect the tile. It makes us the best porcelain floor tile manufacturer.

6) Antifungal Property:

The porcelain floor tiles have anti-fungal property. Ijaro Ceramic, the porcelain tile flooring manufacturers, makes porcelain floor tiles that are fungi-resistant, promoting good health for your family.

7) UV-Resistance:

UV rays are harsh, and we all know we use suncream to protect ourselves from harmful rays, but when we talk of floor tiles, the porcelain floor tiles manufactured at Ijaro Ceramics are UV resistant.

8) Scratch Resistance:

Scratches are the worst thing that can spoil the floor's aesthetic. But it's different with Porcelain floor tiles, as our tiles are scratch-resistant.

Application of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles has seen a significant increase in their demand. Primarily because of their durable and versatile nature. These tiles have justified their popularity with their set of features. Here are some of the applications of porcelain tiles:
Residential settings: Our porcelain tiles allow homeowners to decorate their homes with amazing customization and deliver beautiful aesthetics.
Commercial settings: A porcelain tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic and offer a professional look. Thus, making them an ideal choice for workspace owners.
Outdoor area: Outdoor areas require tiles that can withstand environmental space. Large-format porcelain tiles can help you achieve that! These tiles are incredibly strong and long-lasting as well.
Bathrooms: Porcelain tiles are waterproof. Hence, subtle design porcelain tiles are suitable for bathrooms, as they look stunning and give a bathing experience.
We have the requisite talent that strives to bring the best designs for our clients globally. Our dedication towards passion and work has made us the best tile manufacturer in India. Our products are authentic. As a leading porcelain tile manufacturers, We do not use low-grade materials to sell our products at lower prices, thus maintaining a quality standard.
Besides, we are customer-centric. That is, we design and manufacture products based on the demands and trends in the tiles manufacturing industry. This sets us apart from the rivals in our industry. Further, we have the best customer service and resolve your queries as soon as possible, which not everyone provides. Thus we are proud to call ourselves the best in what we do because our products speak for us.

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